Agustín Oxtoterena, a Basque activist present in Venezuela, expressed his solidarity and support to ambassador Alex Saab, after being kidnapped for the second time on October 16 by the US government.

Alex Saab is an unjustly condemned diplomat, who without conviction has been taken to the United States in an act of total piracy” indicated Oxtoterena.
Likewise, the member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People’s Trade Treaty, Alba-TCP, in a document expressed their strongest condemnation of the kidnapping of Alex Saab.

The document issued by the Secretary General of Alba-TCP, Sacha Llorenti, emphasizes that the kidnapping of Saab, which took place on October 16, constitutes a procedure totally contrary to International Law and in violation of the Vienna Convention regarding diplomatic relations.
Agustín Oxtoterena in support of Alex Nain Saab.

Basque Oxtoterena emphasized that the Special Envoy of Venezuela “has put his freedom on the line, his family, his assets, his companies and his money to resolve the blockade against Venezuela”.

The social leader stressed that thanks to Saab it was possible to “circumvent the criminal blockade of the United States against Venezuela and that is something we have to honor”, he said.

He also emphasized that “As he is a person who helps the people he is unjustly imprisoned, #FreeAlexSaab”.