Decision of the United Nations Human Rights Committee [CCPR] regarding Venezuelan ambassador Alex Saab is welcomed by the African Bar Association.

The CCPR made the decision that Mr. Saab should not be extradited to the United States. Furthermore, he should be released. This is in accordance with several calls by the African Bar Association made in recent months; as Cape Verde’s decision to detain Ambassador Saab from 2020 was illegal and unjustified from the outset.

For its part, the African Bar Association, is embarrassed, in view of the fact that Cape Verde, does not cease its actions in relation to the case of Alex Saab; moreover it continues to act illegally despite several decisions of the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice; has ordered on several occasions that the ambassador be released.

African Bar Association;

“We consider this to be a major threat against the rule of law and a bad example for international law and order.”

Cape Verde’s ability to take pride in itself as a democracy and as a responsible member of the international community rests on its ability to comply with international norms and respect judicial decisions, especially those in which it participated and lost.

The African Bar Association again calls on the leaders of ECOWAS and the AU to impose on Cape Verde to release Ambassador Saab; unconditionally and to comply with the various decisions related to this case, as Mr. Saab has not been found guilty of any crime, they said.

Also, the African Bar Association delegation has been at the forefront of this struggle in the quest to consolidate the rule of law on the continent, in addition to dealing with the request for a possible visit to the Venezuelan ambassador, Alex Saab, as well as to have an audience with the relevant authorities of international law.